To apply for apartments at Finn Apartments you will need to provide the following:

  • Employment verification
  • Two most recent paycheck stubs; if employment is less than one month a letter of acceptance showing date of hire and income.
  • 1099 income taxes (If you are self employed) and two most recent draws. Your business must be established two (2) or more years or grant funded.
  • Previous rental history from your last two (2) landlords.
  • Social security number for credit and criminal background checks. (On application)
  • A $50.00 Application Fee is required.*

Documentation must be provided within 14 days of signing the application and depositing on an apartment.  You must meet all of the requirements to qualify.

*In order for an application to be processed a potential tenant must provide the $50 application fee via check written out to:

678 Selden LLC 

and mailed to:

Sugar Hill Management 
71 Garfield St. Suite #140B 
Detroit MI 48201

Rental Application

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